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Joseph Holmes: Philosopher and Storyteller

Filmmaker. Film critic. Podcast Host.

Welcome to the official website of Joseph Holmes. An award-nominated filmmaker and culture critic, Joseph has been making movies and writing about culture for more than seven years. He's written, directed, and produced multiple short films, written for Forbes, Religion Unplugged, An Unexpected Journal, been published in the New York Times, and is the co-host for the podcast The Overthinkers.

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How to Make Your Passion Project

Stop Me If You've Heard This One | Young Unprofessionals Comedy

All God's Children

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Published Writing

As a lover of thinking deeply about culture and faith, I've been published in multiple outlets over the past decade. Here are links to some of my work.

The New York Times
Christianity Today


Religion Unplugged

An Unexpected Journal

Law & Liberty

Religion & Liberty

The Federalist

Movies from the Mountaintop

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About Joseph Holmes

Behind the Scenes

Joseph Holmes was born the son of two ordained ministers. One of his favorite memories was sitting around the table with his family talking about the theology in the movies they'd just watched together. His parents instilled in him a love of stories that ask deep questions and reveal truth and beauty to the audience. It's no surprise then that Joseph Holmes grew up to love making films and talking about the deeper questions in culture and the arts.

Joseph Holmes began filmmaking while at The King's College in New York City. As a sophomore he founded the filmmaking club "King's Image Films" and gained notoriety for the short films they made together and for his film reviews on YouTube. After graduating with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE), Joseph began making further developing his talents and reputation as a filmmaker and culture writer. He received award nominations in festivals across the country. He started his own blog and podcast "Overthinking Films" and "The Overthinkers" and began writing for publications such as "An Unexpected Journal" and "Religion Unplugged".

Today, Joseph Holmes is still passionate about telling stories and having conversations that reveal truth and beauty to people. He is daily encouraged at the power that art and human dialogue has to make the lives of ordinary people more beautiful. And he is grateful to be a part of it.

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